Meet Greg

Hey there.

I’m a husband, stepfather, father, teacher, Cardinals fan, and photographer.

My wife’s my best friend. She gets me. I love her. I like her, too. Best decision I ever made. I need background music on pretty much all the time. I quote Top Gun lines more often than anyone ever should. It’s okay, though …my wife’s a fan of it, too. I went to William Jewell College. Stayed two years. Then I went to Truman State. Stayed there for three years (and earned two degrees – Psychology & Education). Played baseball through college and realized that was about the end of that. I can eat the same lunch every day and not think twice about it. If it’s the fall, don’t ask me about my fantasy football team — we’re probably not doing too well. Next year, though …watch out. I was voted best smile in high school. I’d have breakfast for dinner every night if my wife would let me. I’m easy to talk with. I’ve never been to Las Vegas and I’m okay with that. Rain and thunder are good things. Lightning freaks me out a little …maybe because I’m 6’8. Shows I could watch all-day long? Cardinals baseball, Survivor, Amazing Race, old westerns, new westerns, Duck Dynasty, and Seinfeld (just to name a few). My stepsons are very active and give us our fill of sports (which we love). My son gives us plenty of smiles and laughs each day (again, which we love). Watching the three of them together is something awesome. I’m a very blessed man.

I love teaching middle school. Kids are amazing human beings. I coached high school sports for awhile until there wasn’t enough time to continue with that and shoot engagements, weddings, families, and senior pics. It’s fun, too. To see a couple in love …or parents interacting with their kids …or a high school senior who’s on the verge of stepping out … or kids just being themselves – it’s all good stuff.